Sahara Sisters

Bellydance Group, Chippenham, Wiltshire

Bellydancing Can Affect You

A light hearted look at this problem.

There is a bug that is affecting Belly Dancers, that could be a national problem, but is especially rife within the Sahara Sisters. It is generally known as BDB, Belly Dancing Bug.

It is extremely easy to catch and as yet we do not know of a cure (but to be honest… none of us have looked very hard for one)!

You will know if you have caught it when…

• Tuesday evening is the one night of the week that you really look forward to.
• You cannot walk past a charity shop or jumble sale without ‘ just nipping in for a quick look – You never know ’!
• You forget how to dance any other way… It is Belly Dance moves ONLY.
• You have NEVER owned so much makeup.
• You are predictable – You can always be found rummaging around the sale rails and bargain bins in shops.
• You have your toenails painted all year round. Not just in the summer months.
• Appointments get rearranged – But NEVER Belly Dance night.
• You happily accept other peoples wardrobe cast-off’s, with the words ‘Of course I’ll wear it – It will be great for Belly Dancing in’.
• When you thought that the ‘sparkly’ 70’s were over, you happily wear all that glitter again.
• You now have an amazing collection of jewellery. Thank goodness there is so much ‘Bling’ for sale.
• You watch music video’s intently, thinking ‘Well… I can move my hips like that’.
• When you listen to your favourite music, you try to work out if you could do a routine to it.
• The memory on your telephone is quickly filling up with the numbers of all your class friends.
• You get up at an unearthly hour to attend dance workshops, whilst others are lying in bed reading the Sunday papers.
• You are the only one searching through the ‘world’ section in the music stores.
• You tell anyone and everyone about your amazing hobby.
• You suddenly find yourself dancing in front of complete strangers… and enjoying it!
• You discover muscles that you didn’t know you had.
• You easily embarrass your children and become known as ‘Mum Dancing’.
• You dream of holiday’s in Egypt, Greece and Cyprus.
• Exercise video’s are replaced with Belly Dance one’s.
• You have more coins tied around you than you have in your piggy bank.
• You find yourself doing Hip Circles whilst ironing, Rib Circles whilst stirring the tea and Hits whilst washing up.
• You will sit up all night sewing on sequins, yet it was years ago when your kid’s were in Primary School.
• What started off as a small bag of ‘Belly Dancing’ things, soon takes to a large box, a set of drawers and then finally the whole wardrobe.
• You will spray glitter in your hair AND be seen out like it!
• You admire what the other girls are wearing and have to ask ‘Where did you get that?’
• You realise that you can never have too many necklaces or pairs of earrings.
• You find yourself doing the Egyptian walk up the garden path/down the supermarket aisle/and just about anywhere else really.
• Sahara Sisters is your favourite web site.

Well… Must go now… I’m off to the Belly Dance Club!

Rachel Terry